Who Does Stina Coach?

Stina coaches non-profit executives and Board members, mission-based business leaders, solo entrepreneurs, social change and thought leaders, educators and administrators, activists, artists.

From young leaders to $80 million-dollar-organization leaders, Stina offers a sliding scale of fees and an openness to start where you are.

Coaching for Awareness, Agency + Actions
Acupuncture stimulates the balance and flow of Qi energy in a human body. Similarly, Stina’s attention helps you focus energy and fine-tuned attention (with no needles involved!):

  • Accelerating your progress by providing structure and space, focus and feedback, thought partnership and empathic, enthusiastic solidarity. 
  • Concentrating attention on where you are now and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be in the future. Results are a matter of your intentions, choices and actions.

Stina! You are a force of nature! You have a powerful gift of compassion and a well-honed ability to clear through the clutter to get to the heart of matters.
~ Executive Director Client 2020-2021

How you lead your Self will determine how you lead your team, your organization and how you show up in your world beyond work.

Stina’s coaching approach is open minded and holistic – seeing the whole person, the whole experience of leadership and the whole organization as interconnected and evolving. With Stina as your coach you will be invited to care for your Self as you care for the way you lead. Could you take better care of yourself, as a leader? Why not start now?

I love the honest and raw conversations. Be ready to hear and accept the feedback you get from Stina. It’s not always what you want to hear but it’s what is going to propel you the individual and/or agency forward.
~Non-Profit Organizational Development and Planning Client 2020-2022

The one-on-one coaching is so important and impactful for me individually. I’ve been able to communicate with other members of the Executive Team more confidently after my conversations with Stina. ~2020-2021 Non-Profit Org Development Client

Stina helped me shift from thoughts, plans and ideas into action. Stina listens and asks insightful questions that challenged me to reflect on my leadership skills. Stina is honest, real and incredibly kind. I’m still reflecting on our sessions and using the skills I’ve learned to keep improving and growing as a leader. 
~Director, Non-Profit Agency 2021-2022

Stina is an amazing executive coach. She always started our sessions with checking in with me and seeing what space I was in before moving on to the goals we wanted to accomplish. I always felt that our time together was very collaborative and supportive. I was able to share with her concerns and ask for feedback, which was always given in a very constructive manner. Additionally, she gave me tasks to work on in between our sessions that felt tangible but also helped me organize and accomplish the goals that I had. Stina was also great at letting me know, in a kind manner!, if I was being too optimistic and maybe needed to break up my goals and plans into additional steps. I really appreciated the time I had with her and would highly recommend her to anyone that needs some executive coaching. ~Non-Profit Organizational Development and Planning Client 2021-2022

Stina believes leaders need to be learners.
Coaching is an exploratory process of seeing yourself more fully – it’s research – and a refuge. Sometimes you need an unconditionally caring and skilled “witness” to be present and listen: an intentional, confidential, supporting space so you can reflect on your experience, your leadership, your organization, your world.

Working with Stina is a bit like tugging the loose thread in your sweater. The more you pull, the longer the string gets. She has a deeply holistic and multi-faceted approach to coaching that allows you to see your challenge from multiple perspectives: a theoretical one based in social science and research, an interpersonal one rooted in human dynamics and psychology, and an individual one grounded in self-awareness and reflection. I got so much more out of my time with Stina than I thought I was looking for. She offers a rare and critical service to those who are expected to help others, whether they be clients or staff. ~ Consultant Coaching Client 2018

The benefit of having Stina as an additional resource is that there is clarity, confirmation/validation, and an unbiased opinion of what’s really occurring within the organization. The conversations about future planning and my one on one’s have been the most helpful. ~2020-2021 Non-Profit Organizational Development Client

We struggle to hold time for ourselves, in the same way we hold time for our clients. Stina proposed ambitious deadlines (which we struggled to meet!), but those deadlines were also critical to help us keep moving, rather than stalling out on big questions. ~2020-2021 Communications Agency Client

Mental health means feeling good about who you are, having balance in your life and in your thinking, and responding constructively to life’s highs and lows.
~ Canadian Mental Health Association (BC)

Prioritizing your own self-awareness, self-care and mental health is essential.
So – how do we do that?

Being professionally supported through coaching, professional therapy, trainings, books and practices are a good place to start. Organizationally, managing your calendar, responsibilities and goals are next. Even setting up in-house peer to peer coaching, regular team check-ins and engaging conversations about mental health and wellbeing can lower stress and strengthen relationships, trust, and personal sustainability. And though it seems like strange times to envision the future, “having a plan” helps, even as uncertainties continue, adaptations are made along the way.

Stina’s Services to Support Mental Health

  • One on one coaching and practices
  • Peer coaching initiatives
  • Small group coaching and facilitation
  • Action planning sessions
  • Courageous conversations (where trust could use added support): navigating uncertainty, pandemic dynamics at work or return to work policy development, evolving beyond white culture, leadership and power dynamics, organizational culture, values and purpose, giving/receiving honest feedback, deepening relationships and communication for collaboration, etc.

As a highly motivated learner, Stina is constantly reading, testing theories, and integrating her research into her consulting work. But it’s Stina’s heart that sets her apart. Stina loves. (Yes – the word love is on her coaching page.) It’s her relationship with her Self: her wellbeing, her awareness, her energy, her love, her presence and attention; that enables her clients to explore their relationship with themselves differently. New territory opens up.

Stina’s Coaching Influencers
Stina’s coaching is informed by her 16+ years of visioning, culture, strategy, leadership development and organizational planning consulting. In addition to learning from each and every client, Stina has been fortunate to learn alongside Dr. Ronald Glasberg, Dr. Robert Gass, Toby Herzlich, Claudia Madrazo, Kelly Terbasket, Peter Senge, Penelope Kreitzer, Adam Kahane, Steph Jagger and countless other profound and inspiring leaders, healers, teachers and friends. Stina has also gathered a group of Trusted Collaborators with diverse backgrounds, skills and approaches to meet the complex coaching and consulting needs of clients.

The future depends on the inner place from which we operate.
~ Otto Scharmer Presencing Institute

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Stina helps leaders see, study, and support themselves – in service of their visions for what the world can be. She designs and leads processes to create new human capacity and well-being, new shared awareness, new relationships, new trust, new vision, new clarity, and new plans. Read more about me here

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