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Stina loves working with Graphic Recorders or Visual Facilitators looking to deepen their practices, approach design from a new point of view or just receive some solid professional development support. Head to her Coaching page for more detailed information or drop Stina a note to set up a time to chat.

Student/Client Comments

Democratic. Creative. Efficient. Inclusive. Awesome.

There was a lot of practical teaching through experiential activities that led to immense learning. The activities were dynamic and complimented each other and the content. She is a seasoned professional who can troubleshoot and respond to any question you have. She also knows the field very well and recommended endless resources to use. 

If you facilitate meetings or engage others in the work you do, these skills could greatly improve your effectiveness.

Highly valuable skills learned today. I can use it anywhere and everywhere. It’s not limited to meetings/ conferences. It can be great for brainstorms, reflective journals, and helpful for analyzing and dissecting problems and conflicts.

I learned how to visually represent information.

This learning helps me put complex ideas/words into simple diagrams, recognize diverse perspectives.

A very good intro to what Graphic Recording is and the basic techniques and principles. This course validates and celebrates our creative and artistic abilities.

Breaks the habit of judgement and offers new tools for engagement and dialogue. It helped me develop my interpersonal skills and teamwork.

VIDEO TIME LAPSE Graphic Recording

Lighter Living Illustration time lStina Brown graphically recorded the event “Lighter Living: Better Everyday Lives for People and the Planet” (5 October 2019 – Vancouver). This is a time-lapse of her work that night.

About Stina

Stina helps leaders see, study, and support themselves – in service of their visions for what the world can be. She designs and leads processes to create new human capacity and well-being, new shared awareness, new relationships, new trust, new vision, new clarity, and new plans. Read more about me here

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