Welcome to the website of Stina Brown (she/they): Artist, writer, and systems thinker. Stina coaches, designs and facilitates because she loves people who are doing their best to change the world and knows some practical ways to help.

These services essentially are about professional listening and visualizing what is witnessed.

Stina spent the past 13 years doing various kinds of graphic recording in meetings. She loved this work and has put down her markers and tape to focus on other elements of her work for now.

Stina is available for Studio projects on a case-by-case basis.

Stina currently works with several extremely skilled and celebrated  Trusted Collaborators: Graphic Recorders Corrina Keeling and Yolanda Liman, and Visual Facilitator Avril Orloff to provide exceptional digital graphic records of online sessions and studio pieces.

Studio Graphic by Visual Facilitator, Avril Orloff

No-one ever listened themselves out of a job. ~ Calvin Coolidge, US President

Graphic in Header and above by Corrina Keeling

Graphic Recording (Digital + Onsite)

You’re planning an important meeting/event/training/strategic planning, etc. and you need this session to be memorable. Nobody wants just another Zoom call. Moreover, you need this meeting to fully engage your group, deliver on outcomes, create a positive experience and generate some kind of useful record of the event that people will actually look at after the meeting. You need a seasoned professional Graphic Recorder.

Beyond visual scribing, visual or graphic recording is an advanced method of visualization – to adapt what is being said into images and spacial relationships/ compositions that further enhance or make visible the meaning or energy of what is being said, heard, discovered, and learned.

Groups come away from visually supported sessions infused with fresh energy and with highly engaging visuals that both serve to anchor the memory of the group and to articulate complex messages to staff and constituents. This is not marketing… this is visual communication – offering you the visual story of what happened in your meetings.

Stina Brown is an excellent synthesizer of complex information and has a gift for distilling salient points which makes the conversation productive.  She brings high octane energy in to the room which is an intangible and necessary quality for a full day strategic planning session – especially one with diverse viewpoints. ~Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC (AMSSA)

Artist in Residence (AiR)

We come alive when we see our experiences reflected back in vibrant colour and the words we have spoken. We feel seen and heard which deepens our learning and relating. Something transcending enters a space when live artistic expression is integrated. It’s an invitation for others to activate creativity in themselves – their imagination, playfulness and rebellious originality! Stina has loved being an Artist in Residence (live visualizing for longer projects) and welcomes inquiries about this offering.

An Artist in Residence “resides within” a group experience or process, visually representing the dialogue and energy in real time.

As an Artist in Residence, the AiR is present to listen on many levels and visualize what they are sensing in the space. This can be documenting words, movement and ah-hahs of the group. It can be done with a wide variety of materials – 2D and 3D, markers and paper, paint, fabric, light, sound/music, room setup etc. The AIR is an influential and dynamic advisor on the agenda design – weaving the power of artistry throughout the participant experience.

Jump to Stina’s Systems Change Case Studies to see her work as an AiR for the Academy for Systems Change with Peter Senge, or to the Indigenous Leadership page to see her work with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and Adam Kahane.

Stina is a genius at capturing the most salient and powerful aspects of very complex and fast moving dialogue. That combined with the visual manifestation is powerful. She has also been instrumental in designing the space AND the engagement process. I also have a huge appreciation for ‘how’ she does her work real time – and at the same time have no idea how she does it! She works seemingly effortlessly, is never stressed, and is herself visibly invisible. ~Artist in Residence Client


About Stina

Stina helps leaders see, study, and support themselves – in service of their visions for what the world can be. She designs and leads processes to create new human capacity and well-being, new shared awareness, new relationships, new trust, new vision, new clarity, and new plans. Read more about me here

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