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Decolonization is not a struggle for equal rights, but for the equal right to sovereignty.

Indigenous peoples were, and still are, politically autonomous Nations with the authority to make decisions independently. This autonomy means decolonization is about restructuring in order to restore the Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationship to one of equal power.


13 MOONS Indigenous Women’s+ Leadership with Kelly Terbasket and the IndigenEYEZ Team

In this exciting IndigenEYEZ program we are bringing Indigenous Women+* together to honor our roles and identities, to strengthen our resiliency, and to invigorate our capacity for making the changes we want to see in our communities. We know women are powerful, especially when we are united. We know there is much to heal and to learn across diversity.

This program offers a unique integration of profound and practical leadership training that weaves deep inner transformation along with immediate, useful applications to everyday work priorities. Like spitsn we are weaving together Syilx principles with the wisdom of participants and the knowledge of two powerful leadership training programs: the IndigenEYEZ Champions of Change and the Art of Leadership as developed by Dr. Robert Gass.

* A note about the term Women+: We use an inclusive definition. Women+ includes women, two-spirit, indigiqueer, transgender or non-binary people who see ourselves as fully, partially or sometimes female-identified.

If you are interested in supporting Indigenous leadership development please consider contributing to the work of IndigenEYEZ and if you’re interested in learning about taking real steps (as non-Indigenous people) toward healing and right relationships, consider these trainings as steps on the path: kinSHIFT: Elements of Truth: Before Reconciliation.


Reconciliation Canada 2013-2019
Design, Facilitation and Consultation

  • Walk for Reconciliation early planning
  • RC Strategic Planning 2019
  • Association of Mining Executives: Dialogue on Reconciliation 2019
  • Indigenous Women’s Resilience 2018
    Purpose: To build a strong fabric of support, a network for Indigenous matriarchs to provide leadership on reconciliation.
  • Reconciliation Collaborative National Strategy 2016
    Purpose: An opportunity to bring together those who are actively working towards reconciliation in Canada on a daily basis, to discuss our respective strengths, circles of influence, and ways in which we are able to support one another. To better understand each organizations goals, strengths, and strategic direction for the coming 2 years.

Let us find a way to belong to this time and place together. Our future, and the well-being of all our children, rests with the kind of relationships we build today. ~ Hereditary Chief Dr. Robert Joseph Gwawaenuk Elder

AHSABC Aboriginal HeadStart Association of BC (2017-2019)
Graphic Recording + Strategic Planning Co-facilitation
Mandate / Vision: AHSABC is a leader in Aboriginal Early Childhood Education. We provide support to AHS sites to promote excellence in programming. We work with partners to develop and deliver Aboriginal Early Childhood Education resources and training.

HeadStart Elders Gathering 2019

Wahbung 2.0: Our Tomorrows Imagined Vision for the Next 50 Years
Artist in Residence, Live Graphic Recording and Studio Graphic Charts
Purpose: What could First Nations in Manitoba do to create Mino-Pimatisiwin (the good life in Cree)?

This project was an initiative of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, in partnership with three other local Indigenous organizations and the University of Manitoba, and with support from Adam Kahane’s team at Reos Partners, engaging the 65 Nations of Manitoba and envisioning possible futures on a 50 year timeline. Wahbung: Our Tomorrows Imagined initiative

Stina and Adam at AMC Gathering

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