Practical Steps to Explore and Work on Culture
In the workplace, social contracts can be developed or updated by taking a detailed look at how you work and what you believe is most important. Be pro-active and curious about how you can enliven your organizational culture on any of these levels:

  • Relating: Explore your Social Contracts and prioritize creating a Relational above Transactional culture (put people first)
  • Work Norms: Dynamics around the office or on teams – What are the norms?
    • Where is the power – who holds it, how do they use it?
    • How do you collaborate and make decisions?
    • How do you deal with conflict?
    • What new norms have come in since 2020?
    • In remote, hybrid or uncertain work environments: what are the conversations you need to have? 
  • Meetings – Unpack and dissect how you collaborate, group time.
    • How effective are your meetings?
    • What’s the purpose, outcome, and process for each kind of meeting you have (POP)?
    • Could you improve them?
    • How are they changing? How can you change them to be most effective?
    • Are people excited about meeting? (I’m not kidding with that question)
  • Communicating – What are the norms?
    • How are these norms changing in a hybrid, virtual or changing work reality?
    • What are you learning?
  • Create structure and design how you’re going to approach this exploration

Many organizations are taking important new steps to advance their understanding of and relationship with EQUITY. In order to create a more equitable future, leaders need courage to embrace and lead this work. For more information on advancing this work, head here: EQUITY ONRAMP

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