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Stina Brown she/they

I acknowledge that I write from the location of a non-Indigenous, cis-gendered, white (Icelandic/English/New Zealander), lesbian woman living on the traditional and un-surrendered territories of the Syilx Okanagan Nation peoples. I acknowledge that they are the first and rightful inhabitants of the lands and waters that are now called the Okanagan Valley since the land was formed. I acknowledge that historical and ongoing colonization has devastated many Indigenous communities in what amounts to genocide. I also acknowledge the strength, courage and wisdom of Syilx people. I am grateful to have been born here and again live and work on this beautiful land. 

I work with with clients in Vancouver, BC (unceded territory of the swx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh), and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) Nations), across the country and internationally.

Stina facilitates with compassion and love. ~Multi-day Offsite Retreat Client

Who is Stina Brown?
Stina Brown is an artist, writer and systems thinker who listens to her life, the land, the present moment, and the future. Life has so much to teach us when we listen. She’s an auntie and a daughter and a sister and really loving friend. She’s a teammate and a guide on time traveling adventures. She’s a hard-ass and a squishy empathic. Stina is a femme lesbian feminist. She’s a “too much” woman and the introvert in the room. She is a wounded healer and a risk taker. Stina is a wolf and an Icelandic Canadian. She is a settler and a peace-maker.

We have educated our minds, but we have not educated our hearts. And without the heart’s intelligence to guide it, the mind can do great harm in the world. This may explain why, in the future, the fastest growing segment of the economy will be the emergence of artist- leaders who build value through experiences that connect people with their hearts. ~Michael Jones Leading from the Heart

Why does Stina Do What She Does?

She coaches, designs and facilitates because she loves people who are doing their best to change the world and she knows some practical ways to help. She reads, writes, and thinks because she is compelled. She feels a calling in this life to be Devout, curious, and conscious: a reverent relationship with herself, with the Earth, the cosmos, inner space, silence, words (words!), Art, and sexuality.

What does Stina DO?

Stina works with groups and organizations to take care and take a quantum leap.

She designs and leads processes to create new human capacity and wellbeing, new shared awareness, new relationships, new trust, new vision, new clarity, and new plans. Stina helps groups learn and make decisions together, see what’s real and determine what they want to make real. She helps leaders see, study, and support themselves – in service of their visions for what the world can be.

It’s a rare facilitator who understands emergence, systems thinking and the practicality of keeping a group on pace. Stina is that rare facilitator, who navigates easily between theory and practice, weaving spaces for people to do their best work. ~ Mastermind Retreat, Open Agency Network

Stina creates the right environment for the best possible outcome. ~Strategic Planning Client

Who works with Stina?

Courageous leaders with exceptionally high standards hire Stina.

Non profit leaders, consultants, educators and administrators, facilitators, coaches, graphic recorders, mission-based business leaders, etc.

STINA’S PURPOSE: To Ignite a Fundamentally Different Reality

Her invention, method, and creativity go beyond skilled process design. Her art is facilitating state-shifting within leaders and organizations. Often with strategic planning, an “event” can happen, and the past and present essentially stay the same. In Stina’s work – the objective is to ignite a fundamentally different reality through that designed and experienced process. The participants involved are the creators of new realities. Stina guides the process for those leaps to be realized and works with leaders to establish new habits to operationalize those new realities.

Stina is an accomplished process and meeting designer, facilitator, coach, visual practitioner, artist, and consultant. She has an extensive background in systems and process design, visioning and strategic planning, purpose, culture and values articulation, coaching and systems change in organizations and social systems.

Stina is one of the most intuitive, thoughtful facilitators I’ve ever encountered. She continually reads what’s happening in a space, easily weaving the threads into a cohesive whole. ~ Open Agency Network

Stina sets the stage for deep trust and sharing at our annual retreat. She works with our wiley band of entrepreneurs to design an agenda that never loses momentum and she pilots us through a focused, five day process of sharing and discovery. Under her expert guidance, new ideas and deep understanding comes to the surface. ~Communications Agency Client

Stina is a deeply thoughtful and insightful facilitator. She intuitively understands the dynamics of a group, easily navigating between real-time needs and an established agenda. Not every facilitator brings wit, kindness and empathy to their process – Stina does, and the results speak for themselves. ~Strategic Planning Client

Not just a facilitator — Stina is a thoughtful, insightful leader who treats all participants with respect and openness and who makes meaningful contributions to the conversation. ~ Non Profit Client

Publishing and Fine Arts

Stina is also a writer and fine artist.
One recent project focuses on the life and personal work of Frida Kahlo. Stina was a collaborator on the project, workshop co-designer/co-facilitator of the initial prototype and “proof reader” on the English version of this new book. “To work “with” Frida Kahlo and Claudia Madrazo is one of the honours of my life.”

Intimate Notebook, inspired by Frida Kahlo

With the sensitivity and genius of an artist, in her personal diary, Frida manages to build for herself a path of self-knowledge and liberation, using images and words, and integrating multiple forms of expression: free association of ideas, doodles, collages drawings, paintings , poems, letters, narrations and stories – realistic and fantastic – of his own life.

Inspired by her diary we created this intimate Notebook, with the intention of offering a meeting space with oneself through art. This book is not intended to be a technical book for making art, it is an invitation to reflection, to creativity and to personal renewal.

Stina loves figure drawing, plein air painting and pastel and large-scale drawing. She illustrated The Day The Zoo Came To Visit and authored a chapter on “Connecting the Self to the Planet” in the anthology: Drawn Together Through Visual Practice: https://visualpracticebook.co

In this anthology, 27 contributors share experience-based methods and insights. Leading professionals in visual practice, alongside cross-disciplinary practitioners in other fields, delve into deep and resonant questions at the core of connection and communication. Purchase Drawn Together here, through Amazon.com (USA).

Pastel, Galisteo Basin, NM, USA
Pastel, Galisteo Basin, NM, USA

Stina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Art from the University of Calgary and Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. Stina is a proud member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners.

To contact Stina, please email her: stina at stinabrown.com, call 604-612-8563 or fill out the form below.

Stina at Sundance with Moon-shine the owl