Client Recommendations

Recent Clients’ Feedback:

“Youthful vigor, with the wisdom of an elder. Inspiring levity, with the diligence of a leader. Open, considerate mind, with the heart of a lion. To share time with Stina Brown is to see into the very potential of human capacity–for compassion, for patience, for growth. To work with her is to engage a dervish of infectious excellence. And that I have the good fortune to call her a friend is a sincere and treasured privilege. In whatever capacity you have opportunity to work with Stina, count yourself very lucky. And hang on: You’re about to go for a remarkable ride!” Mike Rowlands, Octopus Strategy

“Stina amazed me with her ability to effortlessly facilitate a group of 55 people over 4 days and evenings. She is incredible at maintaining her energy level which inspires others to their own high levels of personal achievement and involvement in a group setting. Stina’s authentically playful and funny personality gave me permission to take more risks and have more fun during the SCI retreat. Her ability to strongly lead a large group during day and then spontaneously have fun like a participate in the evenings was inspiring.” Cory LePage, Cory LePage Coaching

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