Advancing Retreats

“retreat” noun re·treat \ri-ˈtrēt\

Normally this word is associated with withdrawing, changing your opinion or moving backwards. But there is a form of retreating that moves you ahead in a new way. I have had the great pleasure of designing and leading “advancing retreats” for business and non-profit leadership, learning communities, and groups of professionals who want to take their work to the “next level”. It’s not as out of reach as you might imagine.

We all need time away from our regular schedules, habits and environments. Why not invest in advancement: to open yourself to new vision and perspective, to deepen relationships and effectiveness, and to unwind your mind.

Here are what some of my clients are saying about working with me, on retreat.

“Stina sets the stage for deep trust and sharing at our annual retreat. She works with our wily band of entrepreneurs to design an agenda that never loses momentum and she pilots us through a focused, five day process of sharing and discovery. Under her expert guidance, new ideas and deep understanding comes to the surface.”

“Having Stina in the room brings trust that the output will be beautiful and meaningful.”

“I’ve worked with numerous facilitators over the years and Stina was hands down one of the best! She has the amazing ability to focus the group, pull out the gems of the conversations, and ultimately create a unique and meaningful experience for the group.”

“I don’t think we can or should separate out the person and the presence from the product, and Stina is such an authentic, vibrant, intense person – part of the value of her work is just having HER in the meetings.”

“Stina’s facilitation goes beyond just facilitation. Her facilitation is about connection, cohesion, and vulnerability. She has the ability to create a safe space for tough work and conversations.”

“Have you every been to a retreat that was not only productive but truly satisfying? Decisions get made, plans get laid and at the same time people feel heard – their time was valued and well-spent. If you’ve had that experience, thank your facilitator. That’s the magic Stina brings. People will comment on how the retreat was the ‘best ever’ and how everything ‘just flowed’. Great facilitation is not a performance. It’s about empathy, deep listening, tracking and gathering on multiple levels, and gently but clearly guiding things forward. No one does that better than Stina Brown.”

“Stina is always focused on outcomes for our group. She knows why we’re there and skillfully leads us over the finish line. Having Stina facilitate our retreat ensures that at the end of five days we leave with the insights, ideas and roadmaps we came for. With Stina in the room there’s no going off the rails.”

Are you interested in seeing what advances are possible for you or your team through a well-designed and facilitated retreat? Contact Stina today to explore what’s possible: stina at, call 604-612-8563 or fill out the form below.

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