What does it mean to be a human being, now?

This question has been on my mind almost constantly, for years now… But until recently, it’s been my inner occupation – rather than a central business offering.
That’s changing now.

The most inspiring and important projects I’ve been involved with over the last decade here in Vancouver have a few things in common:
* Amazing people are involved: they are all-in (present and committed), intelligent, aware/awake to the real-life problems we are facing as a planet and people, and they are purposefully working toward being a part of the solution, almost regardless of the costs.

* Nature is a participant in the power of the learning these groups/individuals experience. Michael Jones goes into exquisite detail on what I mean here in his book “The Soul of Place”. Whether we know it or not, we are inter-related to “where” we are. We have a place, a role and a relationship with where and how we live – and our environment has a huge effect on us. There is an “inner” experience involved here and an “outer” experience as well. We need to build skills in more than one dimension.

* Scientific reasons to be moving with some urgency towards local and global systemic solutions: This is not the time (in history) for an “ordinary” job (IMHO). It’s time to step up – or as I’m thinking of it these days – “Align” ourselves to the deeper reasons we are here – or risk being a by-stander as future generations inherit impossible odds.

What are you here to be a part of?


Stina Brown is not an “ordinary” designer/facilitator.
Stina is a fine artist, writer and group experience designer.

She is brought in when there is a need for high level transformation: to build and experience new trust and clarity in a system, on a team, or with a group of individuals. Stina works independently and on teams to collaboratively design a process with decision-makers that will provide a group with time outside of normal circumstances, the chance to connect with themselves, their team, their purpose and environment – often in Nature. This creates a unique opportunity to change reality by increasing one’s own awareness, intentions and goals, learn new skills, and/or explore and set exciting new directions or shared future aspirations.

She works with clients in Vancouver, BC, Canada and internationally.

Stina has been designing and leading custom meetings and retreats since 2010. As an Artist, Stina offers highly engaging and often visual environments and processes, drawing out the potential of groups. Her specific client focus is to support leaders and organizations that recognize the need to be socially and environmentally conscious citizens. Her passion is to create the conditions for people to deepen their self-knowledge, access their own in-sight and lead in a new way.

To see some of Stina’s clients visit: https://stinabrown.wordpress.com/clients/

Stina Offers:
* Custom Retreat Design and Facilitation/Mediation
* Artist in Residence, Graphic Recording and In-Studio Graphic Charts
* Teaching and Coaching

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