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Meeting Effectiveness

Free your group to fully participate and engage in meetings, evaluations, planning and other organizational activities.

  1. Process Design with Custom Graphics
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Meeting Planning
  4. Conference Facilitation
  5. Focus Group Facilitation
  6. Group Visioning, Mission Development
  7. Visual Mapping (large scale templates, or small scale visual notes)
  8. Project Management/Surveys/Interviews/Documentation
Teams are effective when they are on the same page
Teams are effective when they are on the same page

Creative Potential…

“Imagine what the world would be like if we all lived up to our Creative Potential!” ~ Dr. Ronald Glasberg
… It sounded like a dare… or a dream.
And, that got me thinking.


Or maybe that got me feeling. My feelings have a very visual language. I observe and draw them out.

I feel most empowered when I am being creative. Being creative is “innovative”: doing something that hasn’t been done before, or doing something in a brand new way. Being creative is “being open” to new ideas to overcome a challenge or make things better. For me, being creative often involves problem solving, writing, drawing images, designing or creating exceptional experiences for people.

One day I sat down and imagined myself as a big tree. I saw roots going down and branches going out. I wanted to articulate the most inspiring way to spend my energy. What does your creativity look like? Contact Stina for individual or group support of a vision.