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Graphic facilitation integrates visual tools in the planning and running group meetings, strategic visioning, and team planning processes.

Experiencing the Change Lab @ SFU

Did you know, there’s a group of 9 students, putting a high priority on “experiential learning” and experimental class structure, with engagement, community building and sustainability at the heart? Well, now you do. They want to see positive changes made at the Burnaby Campus of SFU and beyond, and are committed to hearing (and creating space for) student voices, faculty and beyond about how to do that. (read more at

I had the joy of working with this dynamic group of young adults last week to get them on the same page as they plan out their big project. I took them through a personal reality check (context map), looking at their motivations, an inventory of their skills, what they value and what values they want to see in the world. We talked about their collective Change Lab group values. I lead them through a high energy appreciative inquiry retrospective visioning exercise and we launched into their mission and purpose from there. As the project was put in the context of a strategic plan, next steps were obvious. The group looked at what we had done in one afternoon and seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief. “Now it’s clear,” one student commented.

Meetings can be about “seeing” something together, as you create it. It’s a collective and creative process, where everybody in the room has something unique and important to offer. I believe this class of senior undergrads is on to something. Experience, experiment, engage, community. Love it! Read more: Change Lab).

“The Change Lab is a collaboration and partnership between Sustainable SFU (Founding Partner), CityStudio, SFU Sustainability, the Faculty of Environment, the Institute for Environmental Learning, SFU Career Services and the Experiential Education project (Office of the Vice President Academic).” (from the website)

Social Change Institute 2010: Skills, Tools & Leadership

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Join us for this 5-day experiential convening designed for high impact social sector and emerging leaders who are seeking practical skills and networking opportunities to take their work to the next level.

Why attend SCI 2010? Experts from the environmental, sustainability and social justice sectors as well as social innovators, community organizations and advisors will gather in this unique learning community.


Dialogue on Inclusive Communities

This was an amazing evening event. Held in Abbotsford, over 100 people came together to talk about the meaning of inclusion – and how they wanted to create it in their home community. There was a beautiful energy in the room with capable and eloquent facilitators helping the appreciative dialogue move along smoothly. I would love to see this kind of dialogue take place in every community. Contact me directly if you’d like my help. ~ Stina

Abbotsford Inclusion Mural

Graphic Facilitator Services

Stina Brown enables social and environmental change leaders to maximize their team effectiveness, streamline and improve communications, and design and manage change. She offers graphic tools to open new energy, organization and creativity for her clients and community.

How it all gets started...
How it all gets started…

This is what the process could include:

Tell me a story and I'll show you a picture
Tell me a story and I’ll show you a picture

One on one introduction meeting

Proposed Outline

Research / Interviews

Planning / Process Design

Custom Templates / Graphics

Event Coordination


Graphic Recording (both physical and digital)

Photos and Documentation / Feedback

Work your magic Stina!

People can brainstorm and talk about all that kind of thing, but the challenge is can you then actually articulate that and literally get something done – a project or a strategy or a business. The value of this, is that it is actually containing the results of the energy and the people in the room – but it’s actually there, you can use it, and you can do something with it. You come away with: Teams infused with fresh energy, highly engaging visuals that both serve to anchor the memory of the group and are ready to be used to articulate complex messages to staff and constituents. This is not marketing… this is visual communication. It turns out most of us learn *best* with visuals incorporated into our learning.

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I offer context for people to articulate their dreams

Graphic Facilitator Services (what you get!)

One on one introduction meeting

Proposal Outline

Research / Interviews

Planning / Process Design

Custom Templates

Custom Graphics

Event Coordination


Graphic Recording (both physical and digital)



Meeting Effectiveness

Free your group to fully participate and engage in meetings, evaluations, planning and other organizational activities.

  1. Process Design with Custom Graphics
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Meeting Planning
  4. Conference Facilitation
  5. Focus Group Facilitation
  6. Group Visioning, Mission Development
  7. Visual Mapping (large scale templates, or small scale visual notes)
  8. Project Management/Surveys/Interviews/Documentation
Teams are effective when they are on the same page
Teams are effective when they are on the same page