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Graphic Records are created in large format during your event or meeting in front of the group. With involving and evolving graphics in the room there is a noted increase in participation, level of engagement, creative thinking, perspective and sense of satisfaction.

Social Change Institute 2010: Skills, Tools & Leadership

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Join us for this 5-day experiential convening designed for high impact social sector and emerging leaders who are seeking practical skills and networking opportunities to take their work to the next level.

Why attend SCI 2010? Experts from the environmental, sustainability and social justice sectors as well as social innovators, community organizations and advisors will gather in this unique learning community.


A Home for Everyone

I was asked to come to an evening discussion held at the West Vancouver United Church to visually capture some of the conversation. The topic was homelessness and the group gathered was made up of community members, congregation members, and the special speakers: Ralph Sultan, MLA West Vancouver and Capilano, David Foster, a North Shore Homelessness Advocate, AJ Ives: a local teenager, and outreach volunteer, Paul Butler: Coordinator of Youth, Hollyburn Family Services. The evening was lively and engaging. Drawings from the evening are below:

Dialogue on Inclusive Communities

This was an amazing evening event. Held in Abbotsford, over 100 people came together to talk about the meaning of inclusion – and how they wanted to create it in their home community. There was a beautiful energy in the room with capable and eloquent facilitators helping the appreciative dialogue move along smoothly. I would love to see this kind of dialogue take place in every community. Contact me directly if you’d like my help. ~ Stina

Abbotsford Inclusion Mural

Octopus Strategies Session

This was one of the MOST FUN and most productive sessions I’ve ever attended. An amazing dynamic group of people, coming together to talk about a transformative program. and added tremendous value to this conversation for our client. Contact me if you’d like any more information about this amazing work.

Art and Transformation

Simon Fraser University: Hazards Risk Management World Cafe

Client Quote:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to pass on some of the feedback that we have received re: your work at the Hazards Risk Management Workshop. Your mural has done the rounds of various venues – Bert put the murals (photos of) and key learning points re: the workshop on to a 7 foot laminated poster that was displayed at the Emergency Preparedness Conference, a Fraser River Basin Commission meeting, the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network Conference in Edmonton, and at the Pacific Council of Senior Federal Officials.

Universally the feedback has been terrific and your work has helped us to engage audiences that normally we not reach. As a result of seeing the outcomes in graphic form people have put in their name for the next workshop and asked “Why wasn’t I invited?!”  Some people who were initially skeptical of the process, once they have seen the outcomes on the web site have been sold. Your work has really assisted us in our mission to engage and interest more people to becoming aware of the issues re: Critical Infrastructure – so thank you.


What is a World Cafe?

SFU Panel

SFU World Cafe

It was my great pleasure to work with this large and intelligent group. A special thank s to Laurie Pearce, for her commitment to Graphic Recording, to Bert Struik from Natural Resources Canada and to the passionate and capable folks who come together for this important work around Hazards and Infrastructure planning and management. Also, a thank you to Lisa Arora for her Graphic Recording work with this group. They are well supported!
~ Stina Brown